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My name is Peter Hoffmann and I'm 67-years old.
I live in Trönö, Sweden. It's a small village in eastern Sweden ca 100 km north of Gävle.
My hobbies are downhill and cross-country skiing, bicycle-riding, and of course stamp collecting.

Stamp collecting, a fascinating hobby - as it's already said about philately: "The King of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings"

I hope you will find something interesting on my site and that you will contact me, by e-mail or via my guestbook.



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Vilém Ekstein

New photo!

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Exhibition Mauritius 1847 – 1859

As the very first web-site, Phstamps.com proudly presents a wonderful Czech exhibition, Mauritius 1847 – 1859. 
This exhibition will be shown in September 11th to 12th, 2020 at Praga PICCOLA. It´s the largest collector home fair in central and eastern Europe.
Unbelievable that we find so wonderful, so expensive and world class collection in the Czech Republic.

In addition to this exhibition see the Czech collectors latest object, Mauritius POST PAID 1848- VERY EARLY edition. It´s of the second-best printing quality, almost as the very first “earliest edition”. See the item inclusive the attest.
There is less than one hundred of these cancelled stamps, and only 15 postally unused. 
Have a nice time while you explore this wonderful exhibit. :-) (Unfortunately, in Czech language only)

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The famous philatelist Mr. Ludvík Pytlícek died - † 13/2-2019

Last Saturday, in february 13 Mr. Ludvík Pytlicek died.
He had been in a coma since December last year, when he was found outside a river, just 300 meters from his house.
Apparently he had a stroke.

This happened a few weeks after he heard that the justice department in Simely decided not to pursue a case against him.
I have no idea what made them drop the case other than Pytlicek being an important man in this town.

A sad ending for him and he certainly took a lot of secrets with him.
He will be discussed, for many reasons, in the stamp world.

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Zdeněk Prokop

Zdeněk Prokop, stamp dealer and all time longest professionally active in Czech philately, in Brandýs nad Labem. 

Since the age of fifteen he regularly visited philately exchanges in Prague, where he met celebrities as Lešetický, Mrňák, Basika and many other experts. 

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Mr. Václav Svoboda

Member of the Czech Expert Committee SČF...

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Engineer Jaroslav Štefek

Direktor of PTC - postal printing house in Prague
Member of SČF's expert committee 

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Mr. Josef Hanák

Mr. Josef Hanák was a significant philatelist, originally a teacher, headmaster and during WWI legionnaire in Russia.

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On April 11th 2016 at the age of 89 years, ex president of Society of typographic stamps, member of SČF expert committee, philately top collector - Breaking Chains to Freedom stamps and well known publicist Josef Chvalovský passed away.

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With deep sorrow I want to announce, that in January 16th. 2016, at age of 87 years, philately expert JuDr Svätopluk Šablatúra passed away.

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In February 2nd 2015, was Mr. Marek Vrba nominated to philately expert in stamps and entier-postals of Czechoslovakia 1918-1939.
He also works as philately counselor, works with philately genuineness and with philately valuation.

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On January 22th 2015, at the age of 92 years, ex president of SČSF and FIP, Ladislav Dvoráček, passed away.
L. Dvoráček, possessor of many international philatelic awards.

Expert Ladislav Dvoráček, in 1967 was elected a member of the International stamp federation, FIP. Since 1969 he was member of International Expert Federation - AIEP. 
In 1971 he became vice-president of FIP and between 1980 - 1990 he was president of FIP.

Ladislav Dvořáček was nominated as honorary president of FIP and  honorary president of AIEP.

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Changes in Expert committee S ČF

J. Bouček, Z. Nygrýn, J. Chudoba and M. Vrba

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The unique 1857 "Tre Skilling Yellow" back to Sweden!

The unique 1857 "Tre Skilling Yellow", one of the most expensive stamps in the world is back in Swedish possession. 

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2014-02-16 + 2014-03-09

Stamps Czech Republic, part one, 1993 - 1997 for sale!

Chust overprint - for sale!

Czechoslovakia II (1944) - 1945 - 1992 - Chust overprint C. S. P. 1944
Revolutionary stamps with Chust overprint  C. S. P. 1944

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New experts of ZSF

On recommendation of the president of the Expert Committee of Slovak philatelist association, Dr. Svätopluk Šablatúra, the border of ZSF (Slovak philately association) nominated three new association experts:

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Unknown red mark

Some days ago I received the following mail:

Peter, can you be so kind to help me with my expert marks? I looked through your whole data base without any success. Perhaps I have missed it. 

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ZSF expert - Jan Štolfa

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Court of law expert - Jan Klim

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Court of law expert - Zdeněk Fritz

Engineer Zdenek Fritz, was borne October 7th - 1937 in Brno, Czech Republic.
By profession an engineer of reactor physics.

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Engineer Milan Kráčmar

Engineer Milan Kráčmar died in February 13. 2013

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Summary of SČF experts and their philatelic specialization. Valid from January 2013.

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Czechoslovakia I 1918 - 1939 for SALE!

CSR I, an unique collection of CSR I stamps in four albums - including ca 500 sheets!
All expensive stamps are expertized, some including certificates. 30 years of collecting by Mr. Tomás Fiala! 

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The Issues of Czechoslovakia for the New York World's Fair of 1939 and 1940.

The Issues of Czechoslovakia for the New York World's Fair of 1939 and 1940 - the book is on the web, to read for anyone interested.

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Answer from USA

Request about a signature, and the following reply from Lou Svoboda, editor of the Specialist.

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A Special Plea!

I would like to appeal for your help in expanding the information available about "Current Czech Experts and Consultants", "Earlier Czech Experts", and "The Founders of Czech Philately".

I am sure there are many people who can contribute a scan or some small piece to the expert "puzzle". All information is welcome.

Let’s put all the missing pieces together!

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An unknown mark

Some days ago I got from an Czech collector request about a signature on his stamp. Above that he point out that I have two scans of same mark:

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A new website by Mark Wilson called 
"Czechoslovakia and The Czech Republic: A Postage Stamp Library 1918-2011"

My American friend, Mr. Mark Wilson has built a new website (in addition to his older site) called "Czechoslovakia and The Czech Republic: A Postage Stamp Library 1918-2011.

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Wait a minute! Not only may a collector's stamps be stolen, but…

Some days ago I found on the Internet a new Czech philatelic web site that translates as "My Collecting Diary". (It is in Czech only)

Its owner describes it in this quotation: "This is a personal web site - I'm an amateur collector of postage stamps. I believe this site will be an enjoyable contribution to collectors and enthusiasts and perhaps will grow collections."

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